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  Alabama Fresh Shrimp 

We carry White and Brown Shrimp as they are available during the shrimping season.  Fresh Market Seafood owns and operates two shrimp boats that catch the shrimp for you to have the freshest shrimp on the island.

Jumbo Shrimp  (16-20)                $15.99 per lb

Large Shrimp   (26-30)                $13.99 per lb

Medium Shrimp (40-50)                $9.99 per lb

Large Peeled and De veined      $13.99 per lb


Royal Reds are caught in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  They are known for their sweet taste similar to lobster.  Only two boats operate in the area and travel miles into the Gulf of Mexico to catcht the popular royal reds.  They are frozen on the boat and brought to us each week.

Royal Reds Tails                        $16.99 per lb

Prices are subject to change due to availability and the market season.

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