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9am - 7pm

15849 HWY 180 W


Fresh Market Seafood is a family owned  business.  We are widely known for our  daily fresh seafood.  Prices fluctuate due to the different seasons for catching seafood.
Please, browse our website.  If you have
any questions, please contact us.
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100 E 20th Ave

Gulf Shores, AL 36542

5:30am - 7:30pm


April 6, 2016


First you want to know how much shrimp should you have for each person.  The general rule is 1/2 lb per person.  Especially if you are preparing other items or side dishes to eat with your shrimp. 


4 pounds large shrimp - peeled and deveined

1 t...

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About Me

Fresh market Seafood is a family seafood business owned and operated by the Wallace Family.  The Wallace family is one of the oldest families in the area. It was the
Wallace's who founded the  Lagoon fishing
village in 1861 located just a few miles from the market.  The Wallace's have been local area fishermen and shrimpers for generations. Owner, Hal Wallace, his Father, Johnny and several cousins catch the bulk of the shrimp sold at Fresh
Market Seafood.  Our Seafood is hand selected, and only the best quality
is sold in the market. 

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